How long does it take to build a website?

The question about the duration of the project cannot be answered unequivocally. The execution time depends, inter alia, on the degree of its complexity.If you want to find out how long the website can be performed in accordance with your concept, please contact us. Our employees will approximate the working time on your project by our team.

Will I be able to supervise the process of building my website?

Of course. At every stage of creating pages, you have an insight into the effects of our work. In addition, each assignment has an assigned tutor who knows exactly the site guidelines. This ensures a clear transfer of customer requirements to production.

Will you do a "trial" graphic design of the website for me?

It is not possible to receive a "sample" of the project from us. All the projects we create are prepared individually. Before a graphic designer starts working on a project, we collect a complete set of information from the client, ask about expectations, analyze the competition, and provide materials to be included on the website. Preparation for work on the project requires spending time - both ours and the client's.

How many versions of the graphic design will I receive?

Our clients receive from us one version of the graphic design tailored to its pre-defined requirements. After sending the first version of the project to the client in accordance with his suggestions, we introduce corrections to it (within the agreed price). Preparation of the project is preceded by collecting a complete set of information from the client regarding his expectations and the subject of the website. We also ask the ordering party to provide materials for the website and send examples of pages that suit his taste so that the project presented to him is as close to his expectations as possible.

Is it possible to implement my own graphic design?

Of course.It is possible to implement a graphic design sent by the client. The cost of implementing such a project is estimated after receiving it from the client.

Will I be able to manage the content on my website myself?

Customers choose themselveswhether they want static websitewhere changes will be made sporadically, or the content will be changed frequently. In the first case, we suggest that the changes to the website be introduced by us at the client's request. In the case of frequent updating of pages (in the second case), when it is necessary to manage the content of the page yourself, we propose a website equipped with CMS systemwhich allows you to manage the content of the website directly by you without our participation. Such a system is equipped with a simple text editor resembling MS Word.

I would like to create an extensive online store. Can I commission such a service to you?

At the request of our clients, we make various dedicated IT solutionsIt is possible, among other things, to commission us to create a solution written for the client from scratch. For detailed information, please contact our sales department, whose employees will be happy to answer questions about dedicated solutions and present an offer for an individual project.

Is it possible to "rebuild" a website I already have?

It all depends on the website that the client wants to rebuild. Not every site can be rebuilt and it is not always profitable (it may turn out that building it from scratch will be cheaper). We can determine the potential possibilities and cost of modifying the client's website after reading your website.

Does the website have to be installed on your servers or can it be installed on external servers (of another service provider)?

Of course. It is possible to install the website on servers of another service provider.The customer decides whether the website will be installed on our servers or on external servers.

Can I buy an online store from you?

Yes. Our company deals with the creation of comprehensive solutions in the field of e-commerce. If you are interested in the store's software offer, please contact our sales department.

How does a website rank high in Google Search?

About the position of the page in the search engine the main decisive factor is its content (content) and the page code. Therefore, we pay attention to our clients to prepare the most valuable content and create optimized website code. In addition, it is important to build a professional body of knowledge presented both on company websites and in blogs or other professional guides.

What is website SEO optimization and how long does it take?

SEO optimization is activities aimed at increasing the position of a website in search engines. These actions are long lasting. It is not possible to define the exact time for which specific results will be visible. The actions taken mainly consist in optimizing the website code and the entire website structure (internal links) and building a database of professional articles supporting websites.